Nursery Progress


I am having a blast putting the nursery together..  some bins, the labeler, little nesting urge, fabulous combo for sure!! My husband worked on finishing the painting, the window trim (we got new windows), and putting up the crib. So when I came back from a baby shower my sister in law threw I was able to put things away and start creating our sweet little girl’s nursery!


Dresser/Changing Table, got this from my girlfriend Vennisa and I love it in this room! Still need to find something to hang on this wall, have some appliqués that will probably have her name spelled out there!?

Organizing the Dresser

Work in Progress, but coming along

Closet, Love the Ikea hanging organizer and its only $5.99!!

Rocking Chair (which is getting re-done once I find someone who sews!) Waiting to hang up curtain rod so we can take this lovely blanket down.

Love my butterfly mobile my girlfriend Heidi made for me. I saw one like it at the Saturday Market for $60.00, craziness. So special!

A good friend is loaning me her Moses Basket to have in our room for the first few months!


This is the progress so far.. just about complete, Justice is having fun going in and checking things out and discovering toys he use to play with and seeing where baby Addison will be sleeping someday!


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