Prego Update- Week 31


I knew with moving and the holidays that the time would go by quick and sure enough, down to the last 9 weeks. So crazy isn’t it, just seems like I found out I was pregnant. In 2 months I will have a 3 year old and a sweet baby girl in my arms, which blows my mind!!

Still feeling good, another easy pregnancy so that is wonderful. I am fairly comfortable but feeling big at the same time which is to be expected! My every other week appts start this next week and then they increase to weekly in February, so will be busy getting checked out and seeing how I am progressing. Curious to when I will actually deliver.. early, late, who knows really. It happens when it happens. Justice was born on his due date and since this girl is gonna be apart of the Gardner family and we run early or on time I expect the same from her 🙂

I am so fortunate to have my wonderful sister in law as my doula this go around. Since she has had her first baby she has became very informed and passionate about babies and birth and has became a doula (she just announced on Cmas she was expecting her 2nd.. woohoo).  She will be there to encourage me/us (Daniel will need just as much help as I will..haha) and get me through my labor and delivery, well Lord willing. She is 2.5 hours away and hoping the weather will be good! My plan is quite different from my 1st birth. You live and learn.. this time I am not doing an epidural and taking a more natural approach, looking forward to a better and safer delivery!! I have the same wonderful Doctor and will deliver at Providence in NE Portland.

The Stats- (from my last appt)

Weight Gain- 8lbs

Measured a bit smaller (petite Princess is what I am thinking!)

Glucose Test and STD results came back great (phew..haha)

Iron level was just a smidge low

30 week Picture


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  1. We are very excited for this new little one to enter our world and family. Praying she gives us plenty of warning and that God causes the weather to be ok so we can get down there in time for her entrance.

    Love you all!

  2. Sarah you look amazing. I’m so glad everything is going well for you. Will be praying for God’s timing for your little one and traveling relatives. 🙂

  3. Awe hun, you are just so stinkin cute pregnant! I can’t wait to see baby girl. I’m so glad you are closer now so I can help out. Don’t ever feel like you can’t call. I can pick up Justice and give you two girls some rest time ;0) Love ya,

  4. I am laughing to myself that you are 31 weeks and have only gained 8lbs. I am 26 weeks and have gained half a moose and am 10 weeks bigger than you. I know the whole twin thing has to be factored in, but I have never only gained 8lbs in a single pregnancy! Wow! Good job! Your little girl probably weighs at least 4 of those 8 lbs.

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