1 Chicken Many Meals


Went to Costco and ended up coming home with one of their rotisserie chickens. They are $5.. amazing deal and just the juiciest and yummiest roasted chickens. I can’t really make it cheaper! Getting 3 meals out of it, love it!

1. I reheated it in the oven and served it with some rice pilaf and cooked carrots. We ate just one part of the breast meat and had the rest left.

2. Took apart the chicken (well most of it, not my thing really) diced it up, added cashews, craisins, red onion and mayo for chicken salad.. yumm. Hubby is taking some for lunch tomorrow and plenty for Justice and I too and then some.

3. Have the bones and whatever chicken left I didn’t use  in the fridge ready for a simmering in the next few days to make homemade chicken broth (liquid gold) to freeze or make a soup with over the weekend! (have some french bread I just made in the freezer that will accompany that meal.. score)

Love making good use of food!


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