Dear Blog Diary,


Oh Thank you Jesus for a good day. Been a rough go it seems and when you have a day full of hope and productivity its just refreshing! Been looking for good parenting advice and found some good articles at Dr. Dobson’s site, and can use all the help I can get, so if something works for you, please pass it on 🙂 Working on spending more quality time playing with Justice too, seems like it should be so easy but for me it isn’t. But today after my dentist appt we spent time playing on the floor with a pile of matchbox cars and racing them in the hallway, went outside for a bit and played some baseball with him too. Usually with projects it seems easier and faster to do them myself but I thought he would probably have fun and enjoy helping me clean out the van and so we did that together and read some books before nap time. Now I didn’t do this all at once, spread these things out and it was 10 min here and there, but its progress right!?

I haven’t felt like doing a whole lot lately, usually at nap time I am eating on the couch, playing on the computer and watching TV, yes all at the same time, I can’t stand to only do one thing! I think it is good as I am 6 weeks away from having a baby to chill but then it just sucks the life out of me even more. But I feel some spunkiness and wanna get some stuff done. So far today I have done laundry, swept the floors (which takes forever since most of the house is hardwoods and with all the projects going on my sweet boys track in so much dirt), pulled the van into the garage (hooray for hubby building his benches and cleaning out the garage so I can pull in :P) and vacuumed it out cleaned it and redid Justice’s toy bin and snack bag that goes in the van, about to do some dishes and prep dinner after I finish lunch and my TV Show. Maybe nesting a bit huh??

Hubby has his first acupuncture appt today so I am excited to see how that works out for him. I really hope this helps him alot as he has such bad headaches and neck aches regularly and we are praying for the day he is completely healed!! He isn’t a needle fan at all, but is willing to give it a try!

Justice keeps talking about Addison and wanting to show her things and share with her, so hoping the transition goes well. He seems very excited and happy about being a big brother, his little friend Nevaya who is 9 months old gets alot of love and attention from him, he adores her and has since she was born, so she has paved the way I think!!

Alright back to my projects before I get to sidetracked!



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