A little of this, A little of that


What a good weeks its been!  I have gotten up most mornings before little man gets up to read my Bible and pray, sure helps my day! The new parenting techniques we are trying and learning through are working well and I think God is helping me be more patient and work through Justice’s attitude issues. There is such power in prayer, no doubt about that fact. Things aren’t perfect around here, but going much better so thats great!

This age (almost 3) is pretty fun. Justice and I are having fun playing cars, little projects (with his Home Depot kid tools) and reading his new books from Christmas. Enjoying getting down on the floor playing with him more, which was something I wanted to work on and is going better than I though. Trying to be creative and find ways to let him help me with stuff I need to do around the house and cooking too. He is jack of many trades like his dad and is good at everything too! Lately we have seen a huge increase in his words and sentences, the things that come out of his mouth blows us away. We are jaw dropped every evening at dinner lately and look at each other “did he just say that” its do darn grown up and not as much toddler talk. I really gotta write some of them down, so darn cute.

My sweet friends are putting on a baby shower for me tomorrow and I am pretty excited. Will be fun to spend the afternoon with a bunch of fabulous ladies that are doing such a gracious thing to bless me, Addison and our family. I can hardly believe I am 33 weeks pregnant and gonna get to meet her soon, pretty exciting. My Mom and Gma (who is getting to see our house for the first time, maybe been to Portland once to visit since we have lived here 7 years) are coming tomorrow to the shower and gonna spend the night, so we are shopping in the afternoon, hanging out and they will go to church with us in the morning before they head home.. so fun!!

In the next 2 weeks my plan is to re-organize the nursery (since I just got gifts from the shower, perfect timing), wash the newborn clothes, put together some freezer meals to cook up, get the car seat base installed, and start putting the hospital bag together. My thought is to be mostly ready by the first part of February so in case she comes way early that I am prepared. I do better knowing things are done and ready so I can relax and put my mind at ease. Do I think she is coming way early.. not really, but can I count on that.. well nope I don’t believe I can. Some 2nd babies come early some are late.. who knows! Justice was born on his due date, so we will see. Oh I also gotta think about little man’s bday on the 28th as well, I am thinking of doing it earlier in February as she is due within days of his big debut as a 3 year old.  He is gonna be such a great big brother, he talks about her and is already excited. I saw a cute book on being a big brother at Target I want to pick up for him along with one or 2 other small things that will be a gift from Addison to her big brother when she is born! I thought about getting a boy doll too for him so he has someone to take care of and can help along side of me, will see!? Any thoughts on that?

My parents booked a house for a family vacation in Seabrook, Wa for June and am already looking forward to it. My sis and her fam from CA are flying up, will be fun to see them as its been 4-5 years at least and our youngest kids haven’t met each other.  At least one other of my siblings and his wife will be there, will see if a couple more join in (I do have 6 brothers and sisters). Should be a fun family reunion so to say, been awhile since a bunch of us have came together!

Alright Chatty Cathy is signing off!


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  1. Just wanted to say that I am so excited to meet Addison soon! And also, I think that a boy doll is a really good idea for Justice. I have heard great things about doing that, and I think he would benefit from having his own little baby to take care of. You can find some really cool looking ones too.

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