Our Weekend


Today on the calendar was a trip to our local Bible Bookstore to meet Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales.  Daniel offered me the morning out so I jumped at that as it was much needed and he and Justice went to meet them. I was a little bummed to miss out on his reaction to seeing them but my sweet hubby brought the camera (i didn’t think of that) and plus I do fun things with him all week long and so it wasn’t a big deal.

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I got to grab a coffee, go run errands BY MYSELF (big deal, is so much quicker and more relaxing!) and grab the new issue of Real Simple and enjoy a nice Mexican lunch. Refreshing for sure! Came home and it was almost time for little man’s nap time, Daniel put him down and I got to sit for a bit and watch some cooking shows and eat chocolate! Then worked on the hospital bag, diaper bag and a few other odds and ends around the house. Like I have mentioned before my goal is to have everything pretty much good to go by Feb 1st so I can relax knowing that I am ready and not lose any sleep over what’s left to go. Got Justice’s Valentine’s present (a couple things from Target’s $1 bin, he doesn’t need more “stuff”) and his Birthday Present (which I had the wheelbarrow as it was so small, so Plan B) got a kid size rake and shovel so he can help Daddy in the backyard, a Big Brother present from his sister when she arrives (baby doll that he can diaper up, feed and so on.. basically hoping it helps with the transition and a Big Brother book and Brown Bear Brown Bear book).  Daniel is going to switch Justice’s car seat to the other side and put in the car seat base this weekend. So looking good, checking things off the list! The nursery is ready (oh come to think of it, I still need to find someone who sews to recover the rocker as its not so pretty looking anymore, shoot guess I am not 100% done) and will put the final pictures on the blog soon. I can’t wait to use it, I love looking at it as its so darn pretty!! Anxious for Addison to arrive and meet her, but at the same time I know I need to cherish these last few weeks as life will change and exhaustion will set in. I lay in bed wondering what she will look like and be like, Justice keeps talking about her and is excited too! Wouldn’t mind if she came 2 weeks early, but no more than that as I want her healthy and fully developed as possible.

Hubby has a list of projects he is working on today and when little man wakes up he will be happily working along side him too! Sure love having a talented husband to fix things and make our house a home, especially when I break something (separate post on that!.. haha oops) Hope your weekend is shaping up nicely and you have gorgeous weather like we do!!!



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