Freezer Meals


Trying to check this to-do off my list. Finally got inspired and got some recipes that sounded good. Dream Dinners is a huge chain that you can go in and prepare your stuff or have them do it for you and throw it in your freezer.. well they came out with a cookbook! So I checked it out from the library.. fun stuff and saves a ton of money doing it yourself!

I just made the spicy lime chicken (which was super easy) and then made a batch of salsa rice to freeze with it and then open a can of black beans to serve along side! Threw together a cheesy chicken rice casserole as well, another simple and easy one!

After I pick up some foil containers tomorrow I am gonna do their baked ziti casserole, and a red potato chicken dish. Then from my own recipes a chicken cordon bleu bake (chicken, wrapped in cheese and ham, pour cream of chicken on top, panko crumbs and more cheese) and Steak Tacos (Winco has this great cheap mexican style cut up steak for tacos) that you just then defrost and cook with some taco seasoning, salsa rice (made a triple batch so I could use it for this frozen meal too) and again open some black beans or some homemade refried beans that I have in the freezer already!

So far that is 6 meals that I will have done by tomorrow and will add that to my freezer which already has 2 different soups, lasagna, and some burrito filling too. Looking forward to making things easier when baby comes. If you have a recipe that freezes well to recommend, pass it on please!!



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