Nursery Complete


The nursery was pretty much done, but had to do a few minor things that are now finished. Got the curtain rod hung and curtains up (which was actually done 2 weeks ago, but Daniel wanted them in a different spot), I realized that I had 2 blankets that could cover up my hideous looking rocking chair cushions. I just have them tucked in but will figure out some way to make it permanent.

I guess I do need something above the changing table wall, I had some cute letter decals but they were too small to put on the wall, so will figure out what to do there! My friend K’Lyn did a cute name craft for her girls and twin boys that in her belly brewing and might have to copy that idea!

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  1. It looks perfect! I actually like how to curtains are a lighter pink and different pattern. It breaks up the room,but still flows so nicely!…So fun!

    Oh,and I voted for 1 week early for your sake,and we want her to cook as long as possible! 🙂

  2. I will always love pink & brown. It reminds me of Ella’s nursery and that will always be such a peaceful & wonderful memory. Just as your nursery will also be!
    I printed the letters straight off the Land of Nod site, then traced them onto thicker scrapbook paper that I liked. Feel free to use any or all of those ideas!!

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