Cleaning Schedule


So cleaning.. one of those things thats just gotta get done right!? Seems easy but in actuality it takes quite a bit of time! Now that we have a house, bigger area, there is more to be done and that I want to do. There is the regular weekly cleaning, the every other week stuff, seasonal and so forth. I always want to do it all at once and am not a huge fan of spreading it out, but know thats probably how it should be and realistically is gonna need to happen! I have anywhere from 1.5-3 hours during nap time to get stuff done, but I usually use that time to relax, kick my feet up, eat some lunch, computer/tv time and that sorta thing! I do putter around and will clean up some little things but not really big projects. I did create a spreadsheet some time ago and probably need to utilize it again. Realized as I went to look for it that I must have deleted it as I haven’t used it in forever, so back to the drawing board! How do you accomplish your cleaning??


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  1. I recently put together a cleaning schedule based on a few that I found at I remember Amy telling me about it a couple of years ago and sure enough it’s still on their site!

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