Prayers Appreciated


Been a rough week to say the least. Since last Sunday Justice got the stomach bug, then Daniel did.. as well as a rib out pinched nerve and many trips to the chiropractor, then as things were starting to look up Justice got a nasty cold and cough which turned into an asthma issue and we are doing alot of nebulizer breathing treatments.  Did I mention I am due to have a baby next week, which means any day of course! Thankfully I have stayed healthy through this whole thing, God knew someone had to take care of the boys I am thinking! But am exhausted, weary, discouraged and plain worn out. And that is not the way I want to go into this week about ready to give birth. I am wanting strength and grace as I go into labor and meet my sweet baby girl.

So if you remember to pray for my boys to get better and for me to be ready to have this baby, I would appreciate it greatly!!


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