Weekend Update


Yep, still pregnant folks. For those of you who are on facebook (prob all of you), you can stalk me there as I will update and inform you if I am headed to the hospital to meet my daughter. I had my weekly Doc Appt on Monday and was 2cm dialated and 30% effaced, so body is getting there little by little. My body has been showing signs of labor coming little by little.. but when she will come, its all up to her and God for that part. I am trying to be patient and rest when my body says rest and get things done when I have spurts of energy. My fabulous SIL and Doula Cierra and I text daily and I inform her of anything going on and she keeps me informed and encouraged.. love it!! This weather has been interesting which isn’t the greatest for getting family here as they are 2.5 hours away in WA and have had awful weather. But God knows best and it will all work out when its suppose to! Will be back to the Doc Monday and I am officially due on Wednesday. Hoping she comes this weekend!!

Today Justice and Daniel went to Lowe’s Kids Workshop to build a Pull Back Race Car. This was a first for them to try this.. I have been dying for him to do it but saw the age qualifications and it was gonna be a few more years but asked when in the store one day and they said its whatever the parent was comfortable with.. hooray! Lowe’s has them twice a month and Home Depot once a month, so I see alot of fun in my boys future with these workshops. They are FREE!! You get a work apron (they put your name card in it) and safety goggles, certificate saying you completed it and a badge (will have to find someone that sews to put them on the apron) and of course take home what you make. Daniel said there was a ton of people there and Justice loved it!!

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