Justice is 3!!


Wow, I can’t believe my little baby is now 3 (Feb 28), its just unbelievable!! He is growing and changing so fast, its hard to catch up. We celebrated his birthday a couple weekends ago in Washington as his sister is due to arrive any day and didn’t want to take any chances or be that far away from my Doc and Hospital. So not “celebrating” today in ways that he will understand as we thought having 2 birthdays might be kind of confusing at this age. But watching a movie and having cocoa this morning, so making it special in little ways!

He is a joy to our hearts, we are blessed parents. He is definitely going through a trying season, its not all fun and games but I think they all do as they are learning so much and have seasons of change and growth. He randomly tells me I look pretty or beautiful which melts my heart, he loves to sing, dance and fix stuff around the house. Recently I have made more of an effort to have him help me with chores and he thinks helping with laundry, unsetting the table and unloading the dishwasher is pretty cool.  I think they just love being needed and helpful, he also loves to help me cook and is his daddies right hand man when a project around the house needs to be done! He loves playdates with his friends and adores his Grandparents and family and wants to visit with them any chance he gets!!

Some random facts about what has happened on this 28th day in February in History-

Notable Events

1827 The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co. is incorporated as the first U.S. railroad chartered to carry passengers and freight
1849 The ship SS California arrives at San Francisco, carrying the first wave of gold-seekers from the East

Fun Facts

1912 The first parachute jump out of a plane is performed, from a height of about 1,000 feet, over Missouri
1940 First TV broadcast of a basketball game: Fordham University vs. the University of Pittsburgh
1983 U2’s first album to go gold, War, is released

Weighing in at 36 pounds and is 37.5 inches tall.


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