Addison’s Journey Into the World


If you haven’t heard the good news, we are now a family of 4. Addison Renae Elizabeth Gardner joined our family on March 2nd, 2011 (her due date!), 2:39pm, 20.5 inches long and 7.15 pounds (her first weigh in was after a 45 min nursing session, so a little higher than her actual birth weight).

I started getting some contractions, the kind that I remembered with Justice that morning around midnight off and on for awhile and didn’t go anywhere so I thought I would get some sleep. When Daniel got up to go to work I felt some more good ones and finally got up. At 6am we started tracking them as I could sense they were regular and starting to be more uncomfortable. Just like with Justice they started out at 5 minutes apart.

Since our family is 2.5 hours away and my SIL, Cierra, is also my Doula I started out with a call for her to let her know what was going on, what she thought and our plan for the day. She and my Mom got ready to head to us within the hour and got to our house about 9:30am. My goal was to stay at home and labor as long as possible, our hospital and Doctor are about 30 min away so by 10am we were headed out the door to check-in. My contractions by that point were 50 sec- 1 min long and a few minutes apart. My husband did a great job getting us to the hospital as comfortably as he possibly could on the car ride there. We were waiting to pull into the hospital and the guy in front of us wanted to back up and refused to move out of the way (we had someone behind us and couldn’t back up) and was fighting with us. It was ridiculous, I was in the middle of a fabulous contraction and Daniel finally got around him and yelled “we going to the emergency room” (my hero sticking up for us) I was gonna tell him I am in labor and trying to get to the hospital, but he interrupted and the yelled a very loud explict at us.. really over a parking spot dude, you are blocking an entrance to the hospital.. good grief. But we just then laughed and said it would make an interesting story, which it did!

Got checked in and they monitored the baby and gave me my exam, which I was dilated to a 4. Was a bit bummed wishing I was further along after 4.5 hours of contractions so far. But things kept progressing which is a great sign. Daniel and Cierra were by my side together most of the time and tag teamed when they needed a break, which wasn’t often. They were amazing encouraging me and telling me how great I was doing, to relax, take one contraction at a time and so forth. What a huge help, if it weren’t for them, God and all you guys praying I don’t think I would have done as well at all. I was blessed with an amazing nurse and she honored our plan and didn’t ask me if I wanted meds (which at times was going through my mind.. oh dear take this horrible pain away, when is it gonna end?) I had to be monitored for a time as a precaution (we think things were fine, but the darn hospital has to protect their back!) but was never scared or anxious, just tried to go with the flow! Finally after my next exam about 1.5 hours later I had dilated to a 6 and my Doctor who is fabulous (delivered Justice and is our Family Physician) arrived and came in to chat with me. We decided to move into the Jacuzzi tub to see if I could get some relief and see how that worked as I was progressing quite nicely. Contractions were on top of each other most of the time and weren’t getting much of a break at all. It was intense, I was wondering how much longer they would last and getting a little nervous about the delivery (with Justice I did an epidural and didn’t have to feel a thing). After some time in the water I went into transitional labor and wow that is intense to say the least. I wasn’t getting any relief in there and started feeling a lot of pressure and after a contraction felt a pop and thought hmmm.. did my water break? Hard to know when you are in water haha, but then the pressure changed and I felt very different and started feeling pushy. After a few contractions they rushed me out of their and back to my room to start delivery, it went quick but felt like forever at the same time. I was so scared and in so much pain, didn’t want to push too fast but wanted it all over with. Less than 10 min later I was being handed my sweet little girl! I couldn’t believe I had did it, I made it, we were all healthy and doing great! I did have quite a bit of bleeding and apparently had a little artery that was squirting blood. They got me all taken care of while she was just laying on me and bonding, after I was good to go we attempted to nurse and she was amazing. I was a little nervous as it has been 2 years and how would things go, but she latched right on and fed for 45 minutes.. guess she was hungry!! So didn’t get her weight till after she ate, so she was probably a little less in the ounces when born! Our family had been patiently waiting to come in, so we got to have our moms, Daniel’s sisters (Addison’s middle names are their middle names) and BIL, nephew and our son come meet Addison. Such a special moment, Justice was in love and was so excited to meet her. He wanted to hold and kiss her right away and thought he should be able to hold her all by himself, after others got a turn he would request another turn, way too precious!

She has been nursing great, been pooping like a pro (quite hilarious and loud) and sleeping nicely! Our first night went pretty well, Daniel fell asleep fast and of course I was restless and she was for a time too. It was pretty relaxing in our room and didn’t have a lot of come and go which was fantastic! But she gave us some great stretches of sleep and has been doing great. We are beyond blessed and thankful that we are healthy and doing great!

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  1. Beautiful story and photos, my friends! Congratulations on your gorgeous little girl! Praying for an easy transition into a family of four! It’s a ride, that’s for certain, but one that is so enjoyable and filled with laughter. Congrats!

  2. Good work, Sarah! So glad to hear that everything went just as it’s supposed to. And what a precious baby girl with all that hair! Can’t wait to read more about her development and the bonding that will take place between her and big bro.

  3. Such a wonderful story! I’m so glad that you were able to go through labor naturally like you wanted – it definately isn’t easy! She’s just beautiful! I’m so glad for you that everything went ok and that the whole experience was good for you! I can’t wait to meet her!

  4. Yeah! You did awesome. So glad she is here!
    Enjoy every minute!

    “I hope my child looks back on today
    And sees a mother who had time to play.
    There will be years for cleaning and cooking,
    But children grow up when you’re not looking.
    Tomorrow I’ll do all the chores you can mention
    But today, my baby needs time and attention.
    So settle down cobwebs; dust go to sleep,
    I’m cuddling my baby, and babies don’t keep.”

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