GREATful for Great Meals!


Oh what a blessing having dinner delivered has been. I could certainly get use to this!! We have great friends (our family isn’t close  as they live in WA or else they would be included too) that have blessed us by bringing meals in after Addison was born. So far we have had..

Spaghetti (the best sauce ever, waiting on the recipe), Salad, Bread and Brownies

Pizza & Salad (friends brought it from the pizza shop they own)

Rice, Orange Chicken, Egg Rolls & Salad YUMM (same friends brought us a GC to Red Robin a few days later, more YUMM)

Baked Ziti (fantastic dish, you gotta try it) & Salad

Homemade Carne & Pollo Asada, Beans, Rice, Tortillas and the best Banana Creme Pie Ever

Someone even brought me breakfast one morning, nice decaf white mocha and croissant!

I have some dishes in the freezer premade and trying one of them tonight and have some more meals scattered through the end of the month. Thank you thank you thank you.. so blessed by our friends!!


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