What’s Happening Here….


Wow, this Wednesday will be Addison’s 2 month birthday. How crazy is that, the time is flying by! She has been such an amazing baby, such a doll, we all are quite in love with her! Life keeps going and she is tagging along for the ride. Justice (aka Big Brother) is still on the go and doesn’t slow down much so we keep going on our normal outings for the most part and build new memories altogether!

Just had Addi’s 2 month check and my 6 week check up today, we both did great 🙂 She is 11.4 pounds, 22 3/4 inches long and 14.5 head, she is about 75% for weight and height (yeah for daddys height and long legs). So healthy and happy. When the doctor examined her she felt/heard a little click in her hip so we will have to have an ultrasound to make sure that is fine, but not too worried about it. Just going to make sure its normal and no concerns.

We have been doing alot of outside work when the weather is nice, which is a love hate relationship out there apparently. So Justice is having a blast being daddys helper. Celebrated Easter this weekend and had a nice visit with friends and wonderful church services!

Here are some pics of our life lately..

Chilling in the swing (Ellie the Elephant and Blanket, courtesy of big bro)

Hard working boys

Our adorable Easter Bunny

Family Shot in the Easter Outfits!


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  1. Yes, yard work is a love/hate job! It’s great to be outdoors but it’s like having two houses to maintain- the inside and the outside! Your family Easter picture is beautiful.

  2. Sarah you look amazing in this pic! Especially for just having a baby:) Love reading your blog and wishing we lived closer…we could be hanging out! lol

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