House Makeover


Since buying our house we have done a number of things to it. We want to always be improving and updating our house..well that can cost some serious bucks as you well know. So little by little we are making changes and making our house our home!

Recently we tackled our front yard and decided to put a new color on our house.. we love it and makes it pop and stand out and not be so dull and boring. Currently inside the house Daniel is finishing up all the moulding trim around the windows (we put in new windows right after we moved in) and is redoing his bookshelves and incorporating them into the design of the mantle. (my husband is amazing isn’t he!) And redoing the baseboard trim in the living room. Daniel has such incredible vision and taste for projects and house remodeling.. I am in awe, so I am on kid duty and occasionally hold a board so he can nail it in, Justice loves helping Daniel out with the projects as well!

Before- House and Front Yard

Before- Front Yard Close Up

After- Gray Color, White Trim and Red Door. Front Yard Re-Done

Front Yard Close Up, bushes trimmed, new soil, grass planted.

After- House Close Up

View from across the street, Home Sweet Home


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  1. Ha! I was right! Of all the houses on the street, I picked this one as yours… and I was right! It is the cutest one by far 🙂

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