My Addi Girl


Just thought I would post a few random things about my sweet daughter!

Disposition: Easy Going, Happy Go Lucky

Nicknames: Addi Girl, Girlfriend, Missy Moo, Sweet Girl (what’s super cute is Justice calls her these names too and its just adorable)

Weight: Last weigh in.. 11.5

Sleeping: Naps we are working on.. after being up 45 min she is done and goes down great, but is up after an hour!? At other times she sleeps 2-3 hours, so trying different things to help her nap better. Night time she goes down about 7pm and I go in to do a dream feed sometime between 9:30-10pm and then will do  a 7-9 stretch without nursing. Gets up between 6-7am. I am blessed and can’t complain here at all!!

She is 2.5 months today and I just went through the 3 month clothes bin last night and pulled a bunch of stuff out, its all big on her but fun to have more variety, this girl has great clothes. So much fun to dress her. She is growing and changing so much each week, it blows my mind!

My Precious Girl


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