Menu Planning Fun


So I enjoy grocery shopping, planning meals, prepping food and eating of course. Anything that involves food. Never been a skinny mini and should really watch what I eat more. I didn’t gain a whole lot with either pregnancy and the weight luckily came off quick and lost more than I had started out with anyhow, how that happens to me I have no clue. But I think I have gained some back… grrr. My own darn fault. I don’t pay attention to what I am eating or how just inhale whatever is convenient and sounds good. I gotta stop that, eating the wrong stuff, spending money on junk and just not being smart. I am now 30 and don’t want to start going down hill.

I generally plan dinners M-F but want to try planning breakfast and lunch too to see how that works. Any good quick easy and somewhat healthy ideas throw them my way.

Monday, B- Cheese and Ham Omelette w/ Toast    L- Wild Rice Salad (will do a post on that one)   D- BBQ Chicken Kebabs w/ Corn on the Cob

Tuesday, B- Whole Gain Bagel w/ Cream Cheese and Banana   L- Thai Chicken Noodle Salad    D- Chef Salads w/ French Bread

Wednesday, B- Yogurt w/ Granola & Banana   L-  Leftover Wild Rice Salad    D- Home Group

Thursday, B- Frozen Waffles w/ Fruit   L- Leftover Thai Salad   D- Mexican Rice Bowls (inspired by Chipotle)

Friday, B- Blueberry Bagel w/ Cream Cheese and Fruit  L-Sandwich & Chips   D- Homemade Pizza Night

Will see how it all goes, wish me luck!!


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