Catch Up Post


Why do I not blog regularly.. grr, silly me. Things have to go in order and I get all stressed how I want to do it all, just dumb! So anyhow will catch you up on our life and pictures!

Addison is 3.5 months already, just a doll! She is low maintenance and just an absolute joy. Still sleeping amazing at night, naps going well and loves to smile and make the cutest faces, blow bubbles, droll and is so fun to dress! She is in size 2 diapers, wearing 3-6 months close and growing like a weed. Still get comments all the time about how much she looks like Justice! What do you think?? We were showing Justice pics of him as a baby and he asked if it was his sister.. haha!!

Mommy's Pretty Girl at 3 months

Mommy's Pretty Girl at 3 months

My handsome hunk of chunk at 3 months!

Justice is 3.5 now and keeps growing like crazy, he is going to be taller than me soon I think, its nuts!! He still continues to be a very loyal and loving brother, he can’t get enough of her. When I pray for them one of things I pray is that they will continue to be close and be great friends growing up. My lil bro Isaac and I were pretty close and that remains special to me!! He is in 3T-4T clothes and size 9 shoes! He gets funnier each week, he doesn’t miss anything and has a lovely attitude (hint of sarcasm) but is also so sweet and gentle. Just this morning I was crying about my attitude and his (rough morning to say the least) and he went into the bathroom and got toilet paper and kept wiping my tears…. made me cry more!! He brings alot of joy to my heart. Daniel and I are always looking at each other in amazement with that look of “did he just say that!?”

Daniel and I are doing just dandy. Continuing house projects, enjoying our new home, we have hosted some bbq’s, dinners and get togethers! Daniel just celebrated his 28th birthday last month and 31 is getting ready to sneak up on me in August!

Here are some pics and happenings over the last month or 2! Family Photo Shoot thanks to, Addison’s Dedication,  Bale Family Vacation, Misc pics of the kiddos!

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Happy Summer People!!


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  1. I think they look identical in the eyes. But she has a very distinct “girliness” about her, where Justice has that manly look, even as a babe. So precious and cute! I love her hair! She has a TON! Love the pics!

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