Projects to do this week!


I like making batches of stuff.. if you are gonna do it once, might as well double or tripe it as it only adds another few minutes and its more efficient.. gotta love it!

This week I have a few things to make up batches of that are handy and favorites around here!!

Laundry Detergent-

Laundry Detergent

1 Fels-Naptha Soap Bar (grated)

1 c. Washing Soda

½ c. Borax

10 Drops of Essential Oil

Use 1-2 Tbl per load

I am gonna try to make up a triple batch of spaghetti sauce that my friend Carrie uses, she made it up so once I give it a go and see how it works might have to share it 🙂

Also I am gonna try a new recipe for Carne Asada, hoping its a good one!

Hoping to get these things accomplished but will have to see as Justice got sick Wednesday and is getting better but still recovering and Daniel woke up sick in the middle of the night, so trying to stay healthy, take care of the fam and keep the house somewhat clean.. thats enough for my week in its own isn’t it. But trying to rely on Gods grace, have lots of patience and as my wise Mom shares “this too shall pass!”

Hope you get your projects done this week!!


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