4 months already…time is flying!


1/3 done with her first year can it be??? It seemed like the 2nd month went super slow, 3rd month a little faster and then bam, she is another month older. This little doll never ceases to amaze me. She is such a great baby and I hear it from other people all the time about how content and happy she is, that is her normal disposition. My MIL says “I wonder what her little personality is going to be like” and I say ” I hope it just stays this way.” I am beyond spoiled with her! She is a fabulous sleeper, adores her brother, has the best smiles and is the light of our lives, with her in our family it feels complete and wonderful!

The Stats-

Height: 24 inches long

Weight: 14.5  pounds

Naps: 4x a  day, Sleeps 11-12 hours at night and just dropped her dream feed (nope back to it, which is no biggie for us) so she is doing a 11-12 hour stretch between meals, I am beyond spoiled with her!!

Size: 3-6 month cloths, Size 2 diapers, Size 1 feet.

She and Brother both had their appts together this time and it went quite well. He is 36 pounds and 39.25 inches tall. Healthy and happy kiddos I got so that is great!!!

Giving loves while we wait 🙂


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