I love my little man!


Justice… where to start with this kiddo. He is hilarious, cracks us up often. The things that come out of his month just amazes us. He doesn’t miss a detail. He loves people, if you are one of his favorites you know it and we do too as he talks about you lots. He is full of life, spunk, and is a great all around kid. Not to say he is all perfect, this last year has been rough at times. But seeing some huge progress and so glad he is apart of our lives!

Getting pregnant and having a baby you don’t know what to expect from the older sibling. We couldn’t be more proud of Justice. He ADORES his little sister. He has adjusted so well, he gets quite annoyed when she naps, which at this point is quite often! He talks about sharing with her all the time and the stuff she can’t have now, he tells her he will share when she gets bigger. The cute thing is she ADORES him too. One of the things I pray for is that they are best friends growing up. I had a great bond with my little brother and hope the same for them!!

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