That Felt Great!!


So I just did a workout in my own home.. wow, its been AWHILE! I have been wanting to start being more active, I know I have a toddler and a baby and spend time taking care of them, doing housework and such but that’s not quite enough for me. I haven’t been healthy at all. I am an emotional eater, I love food and not taking care of myself the way I should. I lost a bunch of weight after I had Addison and weighed less than before I was pregnant, but I have gained weight back, I can just tell.. grrr!! Bad me, thats all I can say. Plus my little girl doesn’t nurse all thru the night which is great for me sleeping wise, but maybe I should wake her up to nurse to burn more calories.. or not!?

I was thinking about what I could do, walking is fine, but Addison’s awake times are not that long and I would really need to drive somewhere first to go on a good walk as our area isn’t the greatest for a nice stroll! I thought since Addison is in bed by 7pm that I could go hit up the gym for an hour. There is a new gym that is $10 bucks a month, can’t beat it! But that would mean Daniel would be putting Justice down for bed almost every night and then it would cut into our evening time which I am not too fond of doing that. I thought I would check out some DVDs from the library.. free and at home, good combo! Because I had just read some stuff on Pilates and have always heard great things I thought I would check something like that out. I got a Denise Austin Cardio and Pilates DVD, that’s what I’m talking about, fun and easy! I didn’t need to buy anything to start this workout, they used light weights and I just grabbed 2 cans from the pantry. You need a Mat and could probably get both on Craigslist for a few bucks or borrow one from a friend that no longer uses either.. haha! My review.. it was great, just enough ummff to get me going but not to make me fall on the floor exhausted. I was sweating and felt great afterwards. Makes me think veggies and fruit and happy thoughts. It was 30 min of Dance Cardio, 10 min of Pilates Standing and 10 min of Pilates Mat. I didn’t do the Pilates Mat as I don’t have a Mat, Addison was ready to take a nap and I felt satisfied! I am sure she was laughing at me as I looked funny at times learning something new, I don’t mind laughing at myself either 🙂

Will I keep this going and start my day out this way… well I will give it a try. I want to be able to wake up at 6am before the kids get up, read my Bible and do a little workout and start some coffee and be ready for the kids. Gonna finish a nice glass of water now and hop in the shower. Wish me luck!



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  1. I’m wishing you luck and lots of self discipline because that’s what it takes. Glad you enjoyed it! Way to glo girl!

  2. Sarah you are awesome. I used to workout in the evenings when John was working graveyards because I knew out wasn’t cutting into out time together. Now that he had a strictly daytime job I dont ever workout…it’s having an effect on me too! I am so busy chasing after the kids all day I litterally cant imagine adding one more thing too my day. Keep up the good work…developing the habit is half the battle!

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