Vacation Part 1


So I am a bit behind.. oops. In June my parents rented a huge house in a new beach community in Seabrook, WA. What a quaint little town and I mean little. There are about 5 little businesses and over 100 different homes, most which are rented out and a few people that actually live there.

My parents were very generous and paid for the entire stay and bought groceries for all 17 of us. Most of you probably don’t even know that I have 6 other brothers and sisters.. yep one big family. My parents had my brother and I and we begged for more siblings, next thing you know my parents were called to adopt and we got 2 brothers from Brazil, another brother from the Philippines and 2 sisters from Brazil. We live in Oregon, some others are in WA and one sister in CA. We haven’t all been in the same place in over 10 years, possibly longer. But 5 out of 7 of us were there with our kiddos. It was a full house. We celebrated my neices birthday and had even more family that came to hang out for one of the days.

I thoroughly enjoyed hot-tubbing every night with a good book and/or visiting with my 11 year old neice Maryah (who has went through cancer numerous times and is an amazing girl!) The kids played pretty good together and had lots of fun on the beach, riding bikes (which the town is known for), making smores, and playing games!


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