Vacation Part 2


For the last few years we have gone out of town and done some fun things with the Gardner side of the family. This year it just wasn’t working out to make everyone’s schedules work. BIL is now a Police Officer, SIL is having a baby soon, and so forth. We ended up taking some vacation time the week of the 4th of July and headed up to see our family in WA, the Gardner fam all live in the same town so it made things pretty easy. We made it a fun staycation. Daniel’s Uncle and his family happened to come into town that weekend too from CA, so we had alot of BBQ’s, hanging out as a family eating is always something we are all good at. Took a day trip to our local beach, enjoyed some amazing seafood.  Some of the group took a trip to Seattle to check out some fun sites there as well.
We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary while we were there, usually we go out and do a little something together, but since we had a 4 month old, family stuff going on we enjoyed just hanging out with family and spending the day together. We will be looking  forward to making up for it next year and leaving the kiddos with the Gmas and Gpas and getting away for the weekend for sure!

We are so blessed to have 2 amazing families and spending time this summer just hanging out having fun!

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