Boys Morning Out


What a great start to my weekend, I was up relaxing making breakfast while everyone was still sleeping (addison woke up at 6am to nurse then went right back to sleep for another 2 hours and I couldn’t go back to sleep). Ran out and grabbed a few things at the store and got a chai tea latte while I was there, watched some Food Network and relaxed. Addison got up, then Justice then Daddy stumbled out of bed too. The boys got ready and headed out to the Hillsboro Airshow, while the girls stayed home. Addison took a morning nap and I relaxed some more and picked up around the house, then we headed to the Hospital to see a friend who had just had her baby, picked up some chinese on the way home… yippeee.

Justice has really been into helicopters lately! We have pretend role play action hero time and do different scenarios with police cars, helicopters, firetrucks and ambulances. I was so excited that he and Daniel were going to go check it out together, Daniel originally wanted all of us to go, but tickets were spendy and I figured I could use a chill morning and they would have a blast together! WOW, they had an awesome time. They got there right after it opened and got to walk around and sit in my different styles of vehicles, the people were so friendly and made Justice feel like a pilot. One of the helicopters was roped off and not accessible but the pilot invited them to come back, let them sit in the helicopter, put on the helmet and everything. This kid was in Cloud 9. I am sure we will be hearing about this for weeks. To all you fabulous people that made my sons weekend, thank you!!! It sure warmed this Momma’s heart!! I am so blessed to have an amazing husband that spent some great one on one time with his son and took him on this special adventure!!


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