Yum Yum In My Tum Tum


Are there certain foods you eat that just make you so incredibly happy?? How about trying something new for the first time and you just can’t get enough.. yep this just happened to me. I was at Trader Joe’s picking up a few things (wish I could go blow alot of money in that store, cool stuff!!) and remembered they had samples so thought we would see what they were serving up. They had a grilled sandwich and some coleslaw. I fell in love with the sandwich and wanted more immediately, the little square inch of taste on my palette was not enough!! I grabbed the products right there off the counter that they were featuring and was like “yep this is coming home with me. ” I usually don’t shop that way, stick to the list and get what I came for, but this was too good to pass up.

Pic taken by camera phone, sorry, but I was in a hurry to eat it!

What was on this fabulous sandwich you ask.. Fontina Cheese and Pastrami. The cheese made it scumptious along with it the best bread.. Tuscan Panne bread. I will always have an extra loaf in the freezer now. So great to pull out some bread, cheese and meat and throw it in a pan and come out with something so amazing!! I probably won’t buy the pastrami again as its not our fav, but was fun to try. I am more of a ham girl and Daniel loves turkey.

Run to Trader Joe’s NOW and buy the bread and cheese and whatever meat suits your fancy. Heat up a pan, slap some butter on the outside of the bread (I did put a bit honey mustard inside and that was lovely to0) and create a mouthwatering, crunch, melty, creamy oh so yummy in the tummy sandwich!

Seriously STOP what you are doing and RUN to the nearest Trader Joe’s and pick this stuff up!!! (I am asking for Panini Press for Christmas, can only imagine the fun I will have creating more ooey gooey, yummy sammies!)


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