8 months old


My baby girl is changing like crazy right now. I think after babies turn 6 months old then every day is new different and exciting! Its such a bitter sweet ride for me, so fun to see her change and grow up and a bit sad that she is closing in on her first year so quickly! Addison is truly a joy to be around. Her smile lights up a gray day, her love for life and people is fascinating.

What she is up to..

Eating like a pro, this girl is a serious foodie there really isn’t anything she has turned down. (in the mix, plums apples pears beans peas prunes sweet potatoes carrots greek yogurt bananas avocado cheese chicken the girl loves her carbs too she will go crazy for puffs and mum mums) She loves picking up food with her fingers which she is working on but pretty impressed so far.

Still just has her 2 teeth, I keep thinking more is coming, but will see!

Sitting up like a rockstar, she loves playing this way now. (had her first bath in the big bath tub with brother was so cute!)

Chatting up a storm, starting to use more sylables and loves to squeal in delight as well.

Taking 2-3 naps a day and sleeping 12-13 hours at night.

In 6-9 month clothes, guessing she is about 20 pounds! Her cheeks are proof of her cuteness!

ADORES her brother, he can make her laugh so hard (he adores her right back and then some!)

Starting to notice if i leave the room and separation anxiety isn’t to far away I am guessing.

Still working on her hip issue and is quite a trooper to wear her brace/harness to help her hip push deeper into the socket.



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