9 months old


Okay so I am a little behind in posting this, but nevertheless!! Well this month has came with alot of adjustments and been a bit more challenging. I can tell her brain is learning so many new things, adjusting her routine, got a nasty snotty nose/cold, scooting around on her bottom (not crawling, but wanting too but hoping she doesn’t figure that out soon, more on that later). She still lights up the room with her sweet smile, can now wave and flirt up a storm! She recently figured out that she has a bow on her head and can take it off.. silly girl!

She is pretty attached to me and can get a little fiesty if I walk out of the room and/or reach for me if someone else is holding her, so special that she loves me so much but hard to have a break sometimes!!

The Stats:

18.5 pounds

27.75 inches tall

9-12 month clothes

morning and afternoon nap

11ish hours at night

So in the past I might have briefly mentioned that she has had a minor issue with her hip and has been in a brace off and on since she was 2 months. Not easy, but manageable. We had finally been given a good report and that her hip was deeper into the socket and looking good! But we just had a follow up appt where they took an x-ray to confirm all was great.. well it was not! Very disappointing and heart breaking. So now we have to move on to bigger and harder things. So right now we are awaiting insurance approval to set an appt for a procedure to be done (hoping to avoid surgery). They have to put her out (aahhhhhhh not cool) and play around with her hip and socket, insert some dye so they can see if something is causing all to not work properly as of right now her right side is all alighned correctly but not her left side its off by about 14 degrees. If its still minor then they will be putting a spica cast on for 3 long and miserable months and have it changed and xrayed 1/2 way in. If they find other problems then they will do surgery right then as well and still proceed to cast. For something so minor this has not been a minor emotional thing at all. Not looking forward to the next month, but praying diligently, doing some fasting and expecting God to come through and do a miracle for our sweet baby girl! So when I said I don’t really want her to figure out how to crawl right now that is why as it will be taken away from her from quite awhile if she is casted as planned. Any and all prayers appreciated! 

Otherwise she is perfectly healthy and overall the apple of my eye!! 






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  1. Sarah- we will be praying for sweet baby girl. I know that ALL things are possible for those that believe. Whatever path God leads your family down may you feel his peace and presence. Love you guys!

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