11 months, SAY WHAT???


Okay enough is enough, stop time, freeze it, whatever we can do to slow down!!! We are almost at the year mark, not okay at all. As much as I love seeing her change and grow its all happening way too soon. I vowed this time to take it all in more and savor each moment, but I want her to be a newborn again and just lay on me and snuggle. Now there are plenty of advantages to her being older, feeding herself, nursing less (actually weaning wonderfully!), sleeping great (which she has been a pretty great sleeper from the beginning), seeing her scoot, crawl and grow. She is so mobile and getting into EVERYTHING right now I feel like my job just tripled to make sure she isn’t into things she shouldn’t be, already having to say no and start training her, oh dear. She is changing day to day right now even physically its crazy, they grow during naps I think!? Seeing her and Justice together just melts my heart! If she gets in the bath so does he, they can’t be apart very much. In fact Justice had a playdate at friends for the whole day and he wanted to take her with, when he got home he told us how much he missed us.. precious!!

I could type on and on about how much I love her, adore her and can hardly get enough of her (though I do appreciate a break!). I do just melt when she lays on my chest and snuggles in before naps and bedtime, again trying to savor it. Justice is still cuddly so hope she will be too!

What’s she up too..


Into Everything

Wants so share whatever food I am eating

Loves to look out the window into our backyard (she is gonna have so much fun out there this spring/summer!)

Morning/Afternoon Nap

Loves to play in her kitchen and brothers room

Enjoys going to the store with me

Trying out nursery in church so Mom can somewhat attend church (short periods of time, not quite sure about it all)

Starting to talk more

Time for Food!

Snack time at the grocery store

Playing in the tupperware drawer while I cook



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