Believing for Big Things!!!


Health, its such a wonderful thing. But when you or family members aren’t healthy then life sometimes isn’t so fun! We have dealt with Justice’s asthma/bronchitis issue since he was just 1 years old. He has been on an inhaler ever since… but not any more.!!! Wooohoo, thank you Jesus for an answered prayers. I have tried expanding my horizons a bit and trying to think outside the box, sometimes conventional medicine is needed, but sometimes you gotta figure out another option too. I remembered a friend mentioning a fabulous vitamin her family started using to build up immune systems after her little guy was in the Childrens Hospital at OHSU for sometime. So I got the info from her and ordered it immediately. Justice use to get a cold just from looking at a kid with a cold from across the room I swear.. then we would be up all hours of the night doing breathing treatments as his asthma would flare up. In the fall our Doctor increased his inhaler dosage and not that long after I started him on the immune support vitamin drops. Then I noticed he was dealing with colds much better, not needing the nebulizer.. hooray! His colds would also not last as long and not be such a big deal. So I slowly started doing the inhaler once a day instead of twice. I had considered talking him off his inhaler after cold season was over. Then we were about to go out of town and his inhaler ran out, which would mean spending $50 and getting to the pharmacy before we left town. But I decided not too, yep right in the middle of winter, why not just go off it. I felt peace about it and went without it. We all got nasty colds in January and thought okay will see what happens. Monitored him closely would check his breathing and almost held our breaths wondering how his body was going to react. Not one breath was out of wack, he even had a croupy cough during one night and still was strong and great! We have been so amazed and thankful that God took our little man’s asthma away.

Just in case you are looking for an amazing vitamin to build up your immune system, thought I would pass the info along! (not saying to go off any meds you or your kids are on, just FYI) Justice takes it once a day on a normal basis along with his regular multivitamin and then if any signs of a cold approaching I up it to 3 times a day which is actually what they suggest everyday. (same friend passed along that tid bit too.. smart lady, thank you Julie Everett!!) Also if you subscribe and save its just 9.35 to have it sent, and then it gets delivered to your door as often as you want it too, which I do it every 2 months!

So with one miracle already answered this year, we got 2 more to go. Addison goes up to OHSU Doernbecher’s Hospital on Wednesday and we are expecting a fabulous report and that her hip is strong, healthy and in the right spot. Then once we get through that we will continue to pray with great passion for the Hubby/Dad in the house for his headaches, neck, jaw and joint pain to be healed and be gone forever more.

One day closer to a miracle..


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