Update on Addison


First of all a huge Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for all your emails, texts, phone calls, hugs and support this last week. We are so truly blessed with amazing family and friends! Its so nice when life is hard to know that along with Jesus you have others you can turn too and that support and believe with you.

We went in for Addi’s appt on Wednesday and left with cast on her cute little body. We didn’t get the miracle we had prayed and hoped for, but we were thankful that they didn’t have to do surgery and that we are taking care of the problem now and in a few months she can live hip issue free and be able to run, jump and play like she was made too!!

We have been spoiled with meals set up, flowers delivered, gift basket of fun for Addi and Justice, lots of offers to help and prayers. So we continue to trust Jesus that He knows what is best and will heal her this way.

I have decided to start a blog to journal/document/share our journey during this process to be able to help others out there as its not a very fun or easy process. So if you wanna check her progress, feel free to. http://www.letstalkhips.wordpress.com


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