Happy 1st Birthday Addison


Oh dear, are we really sure its time to celebrate her first birthday?? Its gone faster than I could have imagined. Maybe with each kid it goes faster? Everyone else was in shock when I was updating my status on facebook that my little girl was almost 1 and I was really having an emotional time with it. I didn’t expect to be so sad. I thought it was kinda funny when other people felt that way, with Justice I was so excited for him to be 1 and each year after to celebrate. But with Addison I felt like I got robbed of time and it just was stolen from me. Anyhow, thrilled to be the Mom of both of my kids and truly blessed!!

Addison is just a gem. She is a happy, content and sweet girl. She has the cutest laugh when tickled, adores her brother, has Daddy wrapped around her finger, Mommy’s sidekick, lover of food and nursing, loves to wave at people, hugs her dollies, only blows kisses to Daddy (hoping that stay the same till she is 25!), and talking up a storm.

She goes in for her 1 year check up next week and will get her stats, but she is very healthy and has the best cubby cheeks ever!!

Love you so much baby girl, you are my sweet daughter and I pray that we always have the sweet relationship we have now! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the precious girl you are! We Love You!!!

Pretty Princess

Pretty Princess


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  1. Sarah, Addison is soo beautiful & such a cutie! I’m sure you & Addison will have a wonderful relationship for many days to come, especially if she grows up having as big a heart as you do! Amazing how time gets away from ya. I cant believe how big Justice has gotten, either! My apologies that we’ve been out of touch for a little while. Life has been strange but good. 🙂 I’m so glad it looks like you guys are doing fabulous! You truly are blessed! 🙂

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