Bathroom Remodel


Just a quick few pictures to show you how our little remodel is going. Usually the saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” not in my husbands case, he is pretty much the master of ALL! Its crazy how talented he is. We are fortunate to be able to use those skills as to pay someone to do what we were doing would be completely out of budget and we would never be fixing anything up around here.. thank you to our tax refund we are finishing the job. We still have a little ways to go but we are getting there!!!

The floor ready to be tiled

Laying down the tile.. what a stud

Grout drying!

Shower, still needs to be grouted (getting done this week!)

Floor is in, so is toilet and pedestal sink (that we scored for $20.00!)

Then in our fabulous bathroom, we put in a space for a laundry room that was previously just my washer and dryer out in the garage! So nice not to have it inside the house and have a pretty space to make functional and pretty. I still have a few things to do in this space. I got the idea off pinterest and ran with it. I want to hang up some special hooks that will hold my dust mop and broom on the side, few cute things hanging on the wall for color, and touching up my labels, organizing a bit more to be perfectly functional. But so far so good and I am pretty happy. We will also be putting in bi-fold doors.

My favorite part!!! Inspired by Pinterest,


Oh be still my heart, I love this space!!!! My hubby hung up 3 shelves and we put in a pole to hang up laundry.



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