This and That


Just some fun, random, and off the wall things going on around here.

Ever since my hubby arranged to have my house clean I have felt such a weight off my shoulders. It felt daunting each day/week to get it all done and seemed to never stay clean enough. But since … ahh I can breathe so much better. I have been able to keep up with the house. At first I was like you are paying what?? I can get a better deal, but then realized I needed to let go, accept his gift to me and not take over, so darn hard for me! What I really wanted is him to take the kids for the whole day so I could tackle it and then take the money the next day and go shopping.. lol. But where is he going to go for a whole day, just not in the cards!

I am loving our new bath/laundry room. Still searching for the right towels, got to order the shower and laundry door, and do the molding. But its functional and fabulous!!!

Poor hubby has had a quite a work week, alot of extra work got dumped on his plate. He worked 16 hours on Monday, each day a little less thankfully. But he is an amazing attribute to his company. He showed up Thurs night with flowers to say he appreciated my support this week and got Justice a little treat too! What a guy 🙂


Earlier in the week he says “When I get bigger and get married I am going to work in the sound booth like daddy”

Later in the week, as we are on a walk, he blurts out “I don’t want to get married!” I reassure him that is fine and he doesn’t have to… lol

He just had a birthday party and he is obsessed with his birthday now and we are already planning the next one. It is going to be a firefighter party at Pump It Up. Can’t hurt to plan ahead right!??

In his room having quiet time I heard him playing the guitar and singing a song to Jesus. He comes out of his room and plays me the song he wrote “Jesus I want my friends to have you in their heart” was what he played and sung. Blessed this mommy’s heart something big, we called Daddy and sang it to him over the phone too!

He asked if he could speak at Nana and Papa’s church as we are going their for Easter and they are sharing their testimony. I told him well probably not its just going to be Nana and Papa.. but if you could what would you say? With his  shoulders shrugged and his eye brows raised and a question in his voice ” I guess I would say God loves them!?” He was super sweet and had such an innocence in his voice.


Blowing kisses with more passion, still mainly to Daddy and Justice has gotten a few as well.

Is falling deeply in love with her babies, she pats their back and squeezes them tightly.

While nursing tonight she was playing peek a boo and would stop to laugh the most adorable sweetest little giggle ever!

Saying Bye Bye and Daddy, says brothers name comes out sounding like Justey.

You can get her latest hip update here.



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