Beautiful 5 minutes of my day


The kids are napping and I have plenty to do but usually just sit on the couch with the computer or a show… I know not the best use of my time. It’s such a debate to be relaxed and rest a bit while the kids are or tackle projects. But today I did some of both, probably the best option right!?? So here I was cleaning away and had some pumpin’ worship music going and a song came on and just felt very moved and full of God’s presence. I thought oh I should I should just stop and take a minute to worship, but no I am cleaning and I can just worship and continue on. But in that split second thought.. NO, I am going to stop and just soak in God’s love, kneel down and raise my hands. BEST 5 MINUTES OF MY DAY FOR SURE!!!  I was able to just be filled with thankfulness, praise, adoration, a little extra grace and patience for the dayand just beyond grateful. It’s easy to go about my day, say a prayer here and there, hope to read my Bible (most of the time not, something I am trying harder to make happen, which is just my own stupidity) but not really stop and just let God’s presence overtake my day. Boy, I am so glad I did today. It was just a random thing and just what I needed. A few friends were on my heart that are going through a rough time and was able to pray for them. Seriously maybe 5 minutes but it felt like much longer and just more beautiful than I can put words to. Going to have to try this more often.

In other random heartfelt things.. my friend Klyn had a blog post the other day that was beautiful and very thought provoking. Here is part of it, but go check it out here to read it all! Made me stop and think, I need to not be so quick to judge others when they don’t have the same morals, priorities, or goals that I have!!

Everybody always thinks what they’re doing is important or they wouldn’t be doing it. But just because it’s a priority for them doesn’t mean it has to be for you, does it?…. But what if it’s a good thing? The world is FULL of good things…. But (that) doesn’t mean.. you have to do every single good thing that comes along, does it?

excerpt taken “Somebody Else’s Priorities” by Raquelle Sheen

Next post I will post some pics of the kids and what they are up too 🙂


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  1. Beautifully written! Thank you for the great reminder to do what is really the MOST important part of our day!

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