Update on Kiddos


Once again I fall behind sharing pics and info on the kiddos. Bad Blogger I am! To make up for it here are a few pics I spontaneously took of the kids on Sunday (Gma politely said it was time for a new pic of the grandkids, I figured I should make that happen!)


Keeping it Real! (I thought I would try to get one of him holding her and she WAS NOT in the mood for it as you can tell!)


Mommy’s Sweethearts (not sure what was up with her expression, no she wasn’t pooping!)


Brother + Sister = Best Friends for Life (saved the best pic for last!!)


Justice, the big 4, wow I can hardly believe it. Tall and handsome like Daddy. Sleeps a good 11ish hours at night, still naps most days (or quiet time play in his room if not sleepy enough) wearing 4&5 T clothes. Loves food and has a big appetite already (puts down 3 waffles, I am in huge trouble when he hits his teens!) He is full of life and keeps me on my toes. He is expressive, loud, friendly, outgoing and the best big brother. Loves dates that Mommy and Daddy take him on. Every weekend he gets crazy excited that Daddy is home for 2 days (the weekend) he so loves having him at home, its a count down most weeks till Daddies days off. He is in such a great playful imaginative age, the stories he makes up are a roit and so silly. Prays with passion for people and has a great love for Jesus and is a big fan of his church. He is a major snuggler still, which is so great. He loves all things firefighter, police, construction worker and sometimes combines them all. Super excited to start preschool at Faith Bible School this fall and learn all life has to offer. 

Addison, my little “Momma” as I call her (along with girlfriend, sister, Addi Girl, princess, the list goes on) 16 months now which is crazy. Time if flying way to fast with having #2. I really want to start completely over (minus the whole hip ordeal) and get to savor it again! She is in 18 month clothes, long legs (thrilled she got daddys and not mine!) not too skinny and not too chubby, just right! Sleeps 12 hours at night, dropped the morning nap and takes a nice long nap in the afternoon 2-3 hours. Huge love for food and loves to eat my Thai, Mexican and Chinese food. She is social too like brother, waves at random people at the store and has to be strapped down or will climb out of the cart these days, goodness. Loves to dance, play with brother, loves to give big loves when Daddy comes home. Loves the bath tub and splashing around in water and loves to be pushed on the swing. Can do a few tricks on command, like “cheesy smile.” Still a huge Mommy’s girl, will cry when left with someone else but gets over it quite fast. Started going back to church nursery recently and is enjoying meeting new friends! Still a crawler due to her brace but hoping that changes as soon as its off, which should be soon Lord willing! Huge talker and loves to sign too, which is great for figuring out what she is wanting or needing. 

Enjoying our summer and looking forward to going on vacation this upcoming weekend and will be sure to take lots of pictures and come back with a followup vacation blog, I promise!! 


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