Oh How I love Labels


Being organized, efficient and on top of things makes me function so much better and oh so very happy. I have made little changes over the last few years on how I organize “stuff” and now that we have 2 kids we of course have more “stuff!” I bought a labeler a couple of years ago and thought I had won the jackpot and was “”super swank” (if you can name who says that I will buy you a coffee!). Since blogs have came about there are so many fun organizing ones to get inspired from. So now I think my skinny white labels with boring black writing are not even cool at all, I mean hello its 2012 who does those kind anymore?? It’s time I got with the times. 

So I found some really cool big round labels, Avery 22807, had an image in my head and thought well how do I create this?? Luckily this out of practice with Microsoft girl still had a few tricks up her sleeve from my glory days before kids and working at Windermere as a Branch Administrator/Tech #2. I should give my smart husband credit too, he helped! I used an auto shape form and blew it up big and changed the wideness of the line, colors and such and came up with a lablel I loved. I was able to change up the colors for the different bins and room colors that I had. 

So when the kids were napping today I finished a bunch of random labeling projects I had, some I had forgotten about and new bins I had. Was so much darn fun! So humor me and scroll down and look at my pics 🙂 Thanks for being loyal friends and getting excited and maybe even laughing at me a little bit too, its okay! 


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