Parenting, not for the weak


Man alive, could being a parent being any harder!? I am sure when we get into the teenage years I am going to think the toddler years were a piece of cake. Every season has its own challenges. But lately I feel discouraged, overwhelmed, stressed out, and just plain crazy. I am sure there are quite a few reasons behind all of those issues. A few things right off the bat I need to do is to pray more, aloud with my children in the morning and at night with my husband. Also try to let the little things go and not sweat the small stuff.. which isn’t easy for me at all. I read something last night a friend pinned on Pinterest and it really made me stop and think and changed the way I approached things today. This is what it said…

Also I remembered that back in the day the hubby and I figured out our love languages and I found out they had a kid version. Seems like a great idea, a way to learn more about my kiddos and how to show them love the way they need it. My library has it so I will check it out there, or you can buy it on amazon!

Hopefully between the article, book and lots of prayer I will see the changes start in me and trickle down to my kids! Guess I best get my act together 🙂

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