Long Long Overdue Post


As usual I am behind. I am vowing to select one a day each week to actually blog on here, hope that will help me make it happen!! I started another blog as well (weird I know) of my love for food, so feel free to check that out too! http://www.delishandthensome.wordpress.com

So in catching you up, here are a few pics!


Took time to sip coffee and write out my new years resolutions!


My 22 month old beauty!! Her hair is getting oh so long and her smiles light up a room. She is posing in her new robe from Christmas!


My handsome almost 5 year old at a PJ and Cookie Decorating Christmas Party!


My amazing hubby took a $17 cabinet and turned it into a beautiful Pantry. All apart of our kitchen remodel that is happening little by little!! My little organizing heart went nuts. Still needs the pull out drawers and some shelves put in, but for now it will do 🙂


The outside of the new pantry. Daniel and Papa John designed and built it!

That’s just a little of what is going on around here! Happy New Year!


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