Update on Kiddos


Once again I fall behind sharing pics and info on the kiddos. Bad Blogger I am! To make up for it here are a few pics I spontaneously took of the kids on Sunday (Gma politely said it was time for a new pic of the grandkids, I figured I should make that happen!)


Keeping it Real! (I thought I would try to get one of him holding her and she WAS NOT in the mood for it as you can tell!)


Mommy’s Sweethearts (not sure what was up with her expression, no she wasn’t pooping!)


Brother + Sister = Best Friends for Life (saved the best pic for last!!)


Justice, the big 4, wow I can hardly believe it. Tall and handsome like Daddy. Sleeps a good 11ish hours at night, still naps most days (or quiet time play in his room if not sleepy enough) wearing 4&5 T clothes. Loves food and has a big appetite already (puts down 3 waffles, I am in huge trouble when he hits his teens!) He is full of life and keeps me on my toes. He is expressive, loud, friendly, outgoing and the best big brother. Loves dates that Mommy and Daddy take him on. Every weekend he gets crazy excited that Daddy is home for 2 days (the weekend) he so loves having him at home, its a count down most weeks till Daddies days off. He is in such a great playful imaginative age, the stories he makes up are a roit and so silly. Prays with passion for people and has a great love for Jesus and is a big fan of his church. He is a major snuggler still, which is so great. He loves all things firefighter, police, construction worker and sometimes combines them all. Super excited to start preschool at Faith Bible School this fall and learn all life has to offer. 

Addison, my little “Momma” as I call her (along with girlfriend, sister, Addi Girl, princess, the list goes on) 16 months now which is crazy. Time if flying way to fast with having #2. I really want to start completely over (minus the whole hip ordeal) and get to savor it again! She is in 18 month clothes, long legs (thrilled she got daddys and not mine!) not too skinny and not too chubby, just right! Sleeps 12 hours at night, dropped the morning nap and takes a nice long nap in the afternoon 2-3 hours. Huge love for food and loves to eat my Thai, Mexican and Chinese food. She is social too like brother, waves at random people at the store and has to be strapped down or will climb out of the cart these days, goodness. Loves to dance, play with brother, loves to give big loves when Daddy comes home. Loves the bath tub and splashing around in water and loves to be pushed on the swing. Can do a few tricks on command, like “cheesy smile.” Still a huge Mommy’s girl, will cry when left with someone else but gets over it quite fast. Started going back to church nursery recently and is enjoying meeting new friends! Still a crawler due to her brace but hoping that changes as soon as its off, which should be soon Lord willing! Huge talker and loves to sign too, which is great for figuring out what she is wanting or needing. 

Enjoying our summer and looking forward to going on vacation this upcoming weekend and will be sure to take lots of pictures and come back with a followup vacation blog, I promise!! 

Make This NOW!!!


I found a recipe on Pinterest that I could hardly wait to prepare. Made sure I had all the ingredients that I needed on my grocery store list (had most of them on hand!) and then invited a friend over for a playdate that involved lunch! So I prepped the main salad earlier today and then made the dressing tonight. I just had to taste it altogether so I made myself a small bowl.. Oh It Was Heavenly!!! The flavors are all so Thai, refreshing and great flavors!!! Make this at your earliest convenience, you won’t regret it!! 


(Because I can’t follow a recipe to save my life, I didn’t do edamame or green onions, but did red onion and red bell pepper. I didn’t mess with the dressing!)


Beautiful 5 minutes of my day


The kids are napping and I have plenty to do but usually just sit on the couch with the computer or a show… I know not the best use of my time. It’s such a debate to be relaxed and rest a bit while the kids are or tackle projects. But today I did some of both, probably the best option right!?? So here I was cleaning away and had some pumpin’ worship music going and a song came on and just felt very moved and full of God’s presence. I thought oh I should I should just stop and take a minute to worship, but no I am cleaning and I can just worship and continue on. But in that split second thought.. NO, I am going to stop and just soak in God’s love, kneel down and raise my hands. BEST 5 MINUTES OF MY DAY FOR SURE!!!  I was able to just be filled with thankfulness, praise, adoration, a little extra grace and patience for the dayand just beyond grateful. It’s easy to go about my day, say a prayer here and there, hope to read my Bible (most of the time not, something I am trying harder to make happen, which is just my own stupidity) but not really stop and just let God’s presence overtake my day. Boy, I am so glad I did today. It was just a random thing and just what I needed. A few friends were on my heart that are going through a rough time and was able to pray for them. Seriously maybe 5 minutes but it felt like much longer and just more beautiful than I can put words to. Going to have to try this more often.

In other random heartfelt things.. my friend Klyn had a blog post the other day that was beautiful and very thought provoking. Here is part of it, but go check it out here to read it all! Made me stop and think, I need to not be so quick to judge others when they don’t have the same morals, priorities, or goals that I have!!

Everybody always thinks what they’re doing is important or they wouldn’t be doing it. But just because it’s a priority for them doesn’t mean it has to be for you, does it?…. But what if it’s a good thing? The world is FULL of good things…. But (that) doesn’t mean.. you have to do every single good thing that comes along, does it?

excerpt taken “Somebody Else’s Priorities” by Raquelle Sheen

Next post I will post some pics of the kids and what they are up too 🙂

Pinterest Cooking


Made a few fun things lately.. random this and that kind of stuff. New fun favorites, some healthier options, homemade options, tasty goodies and another list of stuff to try this week.

Homemade Coffee Creamer- This is delicious, can’t wait to experiment with different flavors. http://pinterest.com/pin/212161832415663563/

Baked Monte Cristo’s- Oh these were lovely, so impressive and took just a few minutes to throw together! http://pinterest.com/pin/212161832415304004/

Homemade Nacho Cheese Sauce- So my husband loves the Tostitos jar stuff and I thought we needed a better version, it was soo good and easy to boot! http://pinterest.com/pin/212161832415843383/

Cilantro Chicken- Easy, Tasty and perfect to bring to a friend that had surgery (thats what I did this week!) I changed it up a bit but my info is on there! http://pinterest.com/pin/212161832415751920/

Apple Chips- I should have followed the comments and not the directions on the recipe, the temp was too high and I burned mine, but when I tried them before they burnt they were delish! http://pinterest.com/pin/212161832415284118/

Yogurt Melts- Couldn’t be simplier, next time I want to mix in some greek yogurt in with the yogurt! http://pinterest.com/pin/157344580701337615/

To Try This Week-

Chubby Hubby Bars, for home group 🙂 http://pinterest.com/pin/212161832415741995/

Creamy Cool Corn Dip, my inlaws are visiting and my MIL loves corn dishes, so will give this a try for a snack! http://pinterest.com/pin/212161832415637214/

Spicy Honey Chicken- Thinking about making them kebob style instead! http://pinterest.com/pin/212161832415763739/

Mexican Empandas- Serve along side some spanish rice and a nice salad, yumm! http://pinterest.com/pin/212161832415272860/

Happy Cooking Friends!!!

This and That


Just some fun, random, and off the wall things going on around here.

Ever since my hubby arranged to have my house clean I have felt such a weight off my shoulders. It felt daunting each day/week to get it all done and seemed to never stay clean enough. But since … ahh I can breathe so much better. I have been able to keep up with the house. At first I was like you are paying what?? I can get a better deal, but then realized I needed to let go, accept his gift to me and not take over, so darn hard for me! What I really wanted is him to take the kids for the whole day so I could tackle it and then take the money the next day and go shopping.. lol. But where is he going to go for a whole day, just not in the cards!

I am loving our new bath/laundry room. Still searching for the right towels, got to order the shower and laundry door, and do the molding. But its functional and fabulous!!!

Poor hubby has had a quite a work week, alot of extra work got dumped on his plate. He worked 16 hours on Monday, each day a little less thankfully. But he is an amazing attribute to his company. He showed up Thurs night with flowers to say he appreciated my support this week and got Justice a little treat too! What a guy 🙂


Earlier in the week he says “When I get bigger and get married I am going to work in the sound booth like daddy”

Later in the week, as we are on a walk, he blurts out “I don’t want to get married!” I reassure him that is fine and he doesn’t have to… lol

He just had a birthday party and he is obsessed with his birthday now and we are already planning the next one. It is going to be a firefighter party at Pump It Up. Can’t hurt to plan ahead right!??

In his room having quiet time I heard him playing the guitar and singing a song to Jesus. He comes out of his room and plays me the song he wrote “Jesus I want my friends to have you in their heart” was what he played and sung. Blessed this mommy’s heart something big, we called Daddy and sang it to him over the phone too!

He asked if he could speak at Nana and Papa’s church as we are going their for Easter and they are sharing their testimony. I told him well probably not its just going to be Nana and Papa.. but if you could what would you say? With his  shoulders shrugged and his eye brows raised and a question in his voice ” I guess I would say God loves them!?” He was super sweet and had such an innocence in his voice.


Blowing kisses with more passion, still mainly to Daddy and Justice has gotten a few as well.

Is falling deeply in love with her babies, she pats their back and squeezes them tightly.

While nursing tonight she was playing peek a boo and would stop to laugh the most adorable sweetest little giggle ever!

Saying Bye Bye and Daddy, says brothers name comes out sounding like Justey.

You can get her latest hip update here.


Bathroom Remodel


Just a quick few pictures to show you how our little remodel is going. Usually the saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” not in my husbands case, he is pretty much the master of ALL! Its crazy how talented he is. We are fortunate to be able to use those skills as to pay someone to do what we were doing would be completely out of budget and we would never be fixing anything up around here.. thank you to our tax refund we are finishing the job. We still have a little ways to go but we are getting there!!!

The floor ready to be tiled

Laying down the tile.. what a stud

Grout drying!

Shower, still needs to be grouted (getting done this week!)

Floor is in, so is toilet and pedestal sink (that we scored for $20.00!)

Then in our fabulous bathroom, we put in a space for a laundry room that was previously just my washer and dryer out in the garage! So nice not to have it inside the house and have a pretty space to make functional and pretty. I still have a few things to do in this space. I got the idea off pinterest and ran with it. I want to hang up some special hooks that will hold my dust mop and broom on the side, few cute things hanging on the wall for color, and touching up my labels, organizing a bit more to be perfectly functional. But so far so good and I am pretty happy. We will also be putting in bi-fold doors.

My favorite part!!! Inspired by Pinterest, http://pinterest.com/pin/212161832415524591/


Oh be still my heart, I love this space!!!! My hubby hung up 3 shelves and we put in a pole to hang up laundry.


Happy 1st Birthday Addison


Oh dear, are we really sure its time to celebrate her first birthday?? Its gone faster than I could have imagined. Maybe with each kid it goes faster? Everyone else was in shock when I was updating my status on facebook that my little girl was almost 1 and I was really having an emotional time with it. I didn’t expect to be so sad. I thought it was kinda funny when other people felt that way, with Justice I was so excited for him to be 1 and each year after to celebrate. But with Addison I felt like I got robbed of time and it just was stolen from me. Anyhow, thrilled to be the Mom of both of my kids and truly blessed!!

Addison is just a gem. She is a happy, content and sweet girl. She has the cutest laugh when tickled, adores her brother, has Daddy wrapped around her finger, Mommy’s sidekick, lover of food and nursing, loves to wave at people, hugs her dollies, only blows kisses to Daddy (hoping that stay the same till she is 25!), and talking up a storm.

She goes in for her 1 year check up next week and will get her stats, but she is very healthy and has the best cubby cheeks ever!!

Love you so much baby girl, you are my sweet daughter and I pray that we always have the sweet relationship we have now! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the precious girl you are! We Love You!!!

Pretty Princess

Pretty Princess